vaginal insertion inquisition torture

Cruel monks managed to capture pretty woman and accused her in witchcraft. Now she is kept in the gloomy dungeon under their castle and everyday they torture her in different way to get confession. They restrain her gorgeous body on the special torture table and paddle her pussy hard. Next they whip her naked body about hundred times and you can see all these bloody marks left by whip. However the witch seems to be tough and she doesn’t confess in her devil sins. So interrogators decide to use vaginal witch torture on this girl. They have special metal vaginal pear for cunt stretching which they push inside her tight pussy with pressure. If you like medieval inquisition punishment scenes – check this bdsm site for full time movies.


female inquisition torture on the wooden rack

Inquisition monks were always well known for their perverted inventions and today they use one of their devices during inquisition torture of the witch that they recently captured. They take her to the dark torment chamber and rip all the clothes from her attractive body. Next they fix scared girl in the stretching torture rack. Both her arms and her legs are fixed in stocks and she is absolutely immobile in this position. Now it is time for heavy whipping and caning, her gorgeous tits and shaved pussy suffer from terrible pain while monks use cat’o'nine and wooden cane. After she is all covered with red marks they bring candle and pour hot was on her body exhausted with pain. All these scenes of medieval witch tortures are available on video on this exclusive bdsm fantasy site.


heavy whipping of suspended redhead witch

Cruel monks enjoy sufferings of this new victim from their dark chambers. They take her out for another punishment and humiliation. She looks so scared then they bring her to the edge of deep hole in the ground with only narrow plank over it. Interrogators makes her stay in the middle of it while they tie up her hands to the metal hook in the ceiling. Now she is hanging suspended and her naked body is absolutely exposed to the strikes of heavy whip during this brutal witch torture. Only after she is all covered with red marks, monks release her and send back to her prison cell. If you like brutal medieval inquisition tortures and want to see it on video – check this unique fantasy bdsm site right now.


humiliated punished witch with metal hook in the ass

Today chief inquisitor himself decided to participate in the prisoner punishment and torments. He is really experinced interrogator and knows how to get necessary confess, doesn’t matter how tough the witch is. First off all she throws chained witch with metal collar on the dirty floor and humiliate her to break her will. Next he brings his inquisition torture equipment and takes huge metal hook. Poor girl is already scared, but she just can’t imagine what interrogator is going to do with it. Master puts witch in doggy style position and roughly inserts that big metal hook right in the tight asshole of screaming girl and fixes it with ropes wrapped round her naked body. However that is not the end of her suffering and interrogator tortures her body with metal hook in the butt with hot wax, pouring it over all her naked body. If you want to see the full with torture movie in high quality – check this fantasy bdsm site with unique content right now.


vaginal witch torture with hot potato

Perverted inquisition monks invent more and more kinky witch torture methods that they need to get confessions from women accused in contacts with devil. This time they question pretty girl which was sent them from the village. They want to know how did he practice prohibited magic and in what kind of sexual orgies she participated. Interrogator bounds scared girl in predicament bondage on special torture rack, she stands in very uncomfortable position and her shaved pussy is exposed for cunt torture. Monks take hot potato from the fire and inserts right inside her tight pussy making her scream and promise to tell them anything they need right now. If you enjoy female inquisition torture scenes like these one and want to see it all on video – check this unique fantasy bdsm site.


public witch torture of shackled girl restrained with wooden plank

After heavy witch torture this redhead woman finally confessed in withcraft and now she has to endure cruel punishment. She is taked out of dark inquisition torture chambers and her legs are shacked with metal bounds. Her neck is closed in metal collar and she is restrained with chain. She must bear heavy wooden pank on her back along all the village for all to see and the table on her neck says that she is sinful witch so people don’t miss the chance to whip her up with wooden stick of cane. take a look on her suffering and disgrace on the full video of this scene available on unique fantasy bdsm site right here.


slodiers and monks practice witch torture with pincers and water

Luckily these inquisition representatives managed to capture dangerous redhead witch in the wood right near the demon summoning circle.  They decide that it is easier to get confession right now, but they need to torment her physically since she refuses to tell the truth. String soldiers ties her to the tree and perverted monks takes out their torture devices that they use to bring pain and suffering to devil’s whores like that one. First of all they tear her clothes and whip her naked body, especially concentrating on firm round breasts and shaved pussy of this redhead witch. Next one of these inquisition monks takes metal pincers for some pussy torture, he squeezes and twists her labia making her scream loud, hopefully no one can hear her deep in wood. Finally they use water torture, making her swallow enormous amount of water and choke her with rope in the same time. If you want to know the end of this witch torture story – check this fantasy bdsm site right now